Military Service Center (MSC) within The University of Texas Arlington Division for Enterprise Development is a unique organization dedicated to developing and providing a wide range of professional and technical support and services. We offer solutions tailored to the military community as well as the general public, ranging from professional training and certifications to process improvements and designed interventions. Subject matter experts bring extensive practical knowledge, as well as academic experience to our unique solutions. All programs can be tailored and are designed to fit the rigors of the operational environment.

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Fire Safety Specialist Training and Certification Program

Our Fire Safety Specialist Certification focuses on the safety and health skills and knowledge required to protect firefighters and emergency management service personnel, equipment, and facilities. You will master the 'know how' to analyze, implement, and manage an effective fire department occupational safety and health program. This training integrates NFPA, OSHA, and other applicable standards to improve overall safety in day-to-day activities as well as in emergency situations.

Life Safety Specialist Training and Certification Program

The Life Safety Certificate provides detailed training to participants on the requirements found in the NFPA 101 - Life Safety Code and other applicable requirements. In this program you will gain the concept, structure, and technical knowledge necessary to apply the NFPA Life Safety Code to everyday issues affecting the fire service, industry, and your community. This training allows participants to identify basic life safety requirements and address those related to specific occupancies. It also maps the relationship to other safety and health requirements such as 29 Code of Federal Regulations 1910 and 1926. This program was specifically developed for Fire Officials, Fire Inspectors, Company and Department Officers, Facility Safety Managers, and all Environmental, Health and Safety professionals.


US Army Safety & Occupational Health Career Program (CP-12)

The Army CP-12 Professional Certificate program applies to all individuals that meet the Level I Skills required for CP-12 personnel. Click Here for online courses that meet the Level 1 Skills requirements.

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Can We Develop A Training Course For You?

Do you have a specific training requirement? Do you want to tailor your training to meet your specific requirements, regulatory requirements, application, personnel, or situation? We can incorporate your specific requirements to provide custom made training to fit your unique requirements. Contact us today!


The Military Service Center offers a wide variety of capabilities focused on military requirements incorporating universal standards and practices into the military framework and environment. Subject matter experts bring extensive practical knowledge to our unique solutions.


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