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Master Certification (MC)

The Master Certification is our most advanced level of certification with tracks available in Safety and Health, Environmental, and Risk Management. The foundation of this advanced certification is the Management System Design for EHS course made up of three sessions with hands-on application work completed by the participants between sessions. To complete the Master Certification, participants must complete all requirements and required electives in their selected track.

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Safety and Health

Required: Advanced Safety and Health Electives (3):

MC Safety and Health Certificate Request Form


Required: Required (1): Additional Environmental Electives (3):

Note: Environmental electives used for the required environmental certification (ERP, ESP, EMP) chosen may not be used toward the Master Certification.

MC Environmental Certificate Request Form

Risk Management

Required: Advanced Risk Management Electives (3):

MC Risk Management Certificate Request Form

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Master Certification (MC)

Specialist in Environmental Regulations (SER)
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Environmental Regulatory Professional (ERP)
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Environmental Science Professional (ESP)
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Environmental Management Professional (EMP)
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