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The UTA Division for Enterprise Development Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) programs boast the Nation’s largest OSHA Education Center and the expanded Environmental Training Institute delivering a wealth of training to help you manage environmental, health, and safety risks in your organization. The expansive curriculum touches virtually every aspect of technical and occupational knowledge in Safety, Health, Environmental, Risk Management, Sustainability, Disaster Response, and Hazard Recognition with a special emphasis on OSHA and EPA Compliance. Courses can be taken individually or in support of certificate programs. Please use the drop-down category menus below detailed course information.


OSHA Courses

OSHA #500 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for the Construction Industry

OSHA #501 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry

OSHA #502 Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers

OSHA #503 Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers

OSHA #510 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry

OSHA #511 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry

OSHA #521 OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene

OSHA #2015 Hazardous Materials

OSHA #2045 Machinery and Machine Guarding Standards

OSHA #2055 Cranes in Construction (New!)

OSHA #2225 Respiratory Protection

OSHA #2255 Principles of Ergonomics

OSHA #2264 Permit-Required Confined Space Entry

OSHA #3015 Excavation, Trenching and Soil Mechanics

OSHA #3095 Electrical Standards

OSHA #3115 Fall Protection

OSHA #5400 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for the Maritime Industry

OSHA #5402 Maritime Industry Trainer Update Course

OSHA #5410 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Maritime Industry

OSHA #5600 Disaster Site Worker Trainer Course

OSHA #5602 Update for Disaster Site Worker Trainer Course

OSHA #5810 Hazard Recognition and Standards for On-Shore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

OSHA #6000 Collateral Duty Course for Other Federal Agencies

OSHA #6010 Occupational Safety and Health Course for Other Federal Agencies

OSHA #7600 Disaster Site Worker

OSHA Short Courses

OSHA #7000 OSHA Training Guidelines for Safe Patient Handling

OSHA #7005 Public Warehousing and Storage

OSHA #7100 Introduction to Machinery and Machine Safeguarding

OSHA #7105 Evacuation and Emergency Planning

OSHA #7110 Safe Bolting: Principles and Practices

OSHA #7115 Lockout/Tagout

OSHA #7125 Seminar on Combustible Dust Hazards

OSHA #7200 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control for Healthcare Facilities

OSHA #7205 Health Hazard Awareness

OSHA #7210 Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

OSHA #7300 Understanding OSHA's Permit-Required Confined Space Standard

OSHA #7400 Noise Hazards in the Construction Industry

OSHA #7405 Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry

OSHA #7410 Managing Excavation Hazards

OSHA #7415 Construction Industry Hazards and Prevention Strategies

OSHA #7500 Introduction to Safety and Health Management

OSHA #7505 Introduction to Accident Investigation

OSHA #7510 Introduction to OSHA for Small Businesses

OSHA #7845 Recordkeeping Rule Seminar

Risk Management Courses

RM 101 Safety, Health, and Environmental Risk Management (SHERM) Principles

RM 201 Assessment Techniques

RM 202 Performance Measurement and Data Analysis

RM 203 Risk Informed Decision Making

RM 204 Human Performance Improvement and Safety Culture

RM 601 Intermediate Accident Investigation and Photography

RM 701 Advanced Accident Investigation

RM 740 Critical Thinking Analysis

RM 750 Risk Communication

Safety & Health Management

SH 600 Workplace Violence: Prevention and Management

SH 630 Safety Training and Education Strategies

SH 682 Safety & Health Management Systems

SH 710 Blueprint Reading

SH 770 Quantitative Methods in Safety and Health Management (METRICS)

SH 800 People Powered Safety: Applying Human Dynamics for Injury Prevention

SH 801 Enhancing Safety Performance with Behavioral Safety: Current Trends in BBS

SH 810 Written Programs for Safety and Health Management

SH 900 Leading Measures for Improving Safety Performance

SH 910 Principles of Auditing

SH 920 Process Safety Management (PSM)

SH 930 Project Management for EHS Professionals

MS 901 Management System Design for EHS

Hazardous Materials Courses

OG 200 Trainer Course in H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide)

OG 201 Update for for H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) Trainer Course (New!)

HM 101 Trainer Course for Hazard Communication Global Harmonization System (GHS)

HM 241 HAZWOPER General Site Worker 40-Hour

HM 242 HAZWOPER General Site Worker Annual Refresher

HM 243 HAZWOPER Site Supervisor

HM 244 HAZWOPER First Responder Awareness Level

HM 245 HAZWOPER First Responder Operations Level

HM 246 HAZWOPER First Responder Awareness Level Annual Refresher

HM 247 HAZWOPER First Responder Operations Level Annual Refresher

Specialized Safety & Health Courses

SH 300 Safety Standards for Scaffolding

SH 320 Electric Arc Flash and NFPA 70-E Awareness Training

SH 610 Safety in the Tactical / Operational Environment

SH 650 Radiological Health and Safety Fundamentals

Healthcare Courses

HC 200 Joint Commission Healthcare Safety & Health Overview

HC 301 Trainer Course for Healthcare Employee Safety and Health

HC 400 Trainer Course for Medic First Aid and CPR

Environmental Management

MGE 801 Environmental Management System (EMS) Operations and Maintenance

MGE 802 Pollution Prevention and Lean Principles Workshop

MGE 804 Sustainability

MGE 810 Environmental Audits

EPA Outreach and Environmental Compliance

ETI 101 Introduction to Environmental Compliance

ETI 501 EPA Outreach Trainer Course

Air Quality and Compliance

AIR 201 Fundamentals of the Clean Air Act

AIR 202 Air Monitoring Techniques

AIR 203 Fundamentals of Air Quality Management

AIR 204 Asbestos Awareness - General Industry

AIR 205 Indoor Air Quality Awareness

Water Quality and Compliance

WTR 301 Introduction to Water and Wastewater Regulations

WTR 302 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

WTR 303 Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC)

WTR 305 Wastewater Pretreatment - Strategies and Controls

WTR 307 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) - Water Quality

Waste Compliance & Remediation

WST 401 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

WST 403 Introduction to Remediation: Leaking Petroleum Storage Tanks

WST 405 Aboveground Storage Tank/Underground Storage Tank

Multimedia: Permits, Controls, Monitoring, ESA, Lead & More

MM 710 Environmental Controls

MM 711 Environmental Permitting - An Overview

MM 720 Environmental Monitoring

MM 721 Environmental Monitoring Lab

MM 722 Chemistry for the Environmental Professional

MM 730 Introduction to Environmental Toxicology

MM 731 Lead Awareness - General Industry

MM 732 Introduction to Environmental Site Assessment

Disaster Response

SH 560 ICS/NIMS for the Disaster Response Supervisor & Professional

SH 561 Disaster & Emergency Management for the Disaster Response Professional

Military Service Center

MSC 385 OSHA 510 and EM385-1-1 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements

MSC 610 Safety in the Tactical/Operational Environment

Fire & Safety

FS 110 Laboratory Fire Safety

FS 150 Fire Safety and Health Management

FS 201 Applied Fire Safety, Protection & Analysis

FS 560 Incident Command System (ICS)

FS 710 Blueprint Reading for the Fire Service

FS 860 Incident Command Training

Department of Transportation

DOT 101 DOT Hazardous Materials

Life Safety

LS 101 Life Safety

LS 102 Life Safety for Assembly and Education

LS 103 Life Safety for Day Care and Residential

LS 104 Life Safety for Ambulatory and Health Care

LS 105 Life Safety for Correctional Facilities

LS 106 Life Safety for Apartments and 1 & 2 Family Homes

LS 107 Life Safety for Mercantile and Business

LS 108 Life Safety for Industrial and Storage

LS 109 Life Safety for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties


LE 101 Lean Six Sigma

LE 201 Visual Management

Safety Engineering

SE 101 System Safety and Analysis for Engineers

SE 201 Hazard and Accident Analysis Techniques for Safety Engineers

SE 301 Advanced System Safety Engineering

SE 302 Facility System Safety Engineering

SE 303 Software System Safety Engineering

Accident Investigation

RM 601 Intermediate Accident Investigation and Photography

RM 701 Advanced Accident Investigation

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