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CCA Certified Medical Administrative Assistant with Medical Billing and Coding with vouchersOnline3195.00
Administrative Dental AssistantOnline1995.00
Clinical Dental AssistantOnline1995.00
Dental Office ManagerOnline3995.00
Certified Electronic Health Records SpecialistOnline1975.00
Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist + Medical TerminologyOnline2325.00
Certified Professional Medical Auditor (Voucher Included)Online1695.00
Alzheimer's Disease: A Deeper UnderstandingOnline99.00
Certified Posture SpecialistOnline1595.00
Client-Patient RightsOnline40.00
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant AssociateOnline3795.00
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant ProfessionalOnline4595.00
COPD: Understanding and TreatmentOnline195.00
Direct Support ProfessionalOnline2295.00
Drug & Alcohol CounselorOnline3995.00
Family NutritionOnline1695.00
Fitness Business ManagementOnline2495.00
Functional NutritionOnline1695.00
Dialysis TechnicianOnline2995.00
Health Information Technology (HIT) for IT SpecialistOnline3995.00
Home Health Aide with Medical TerminologyOnline3995.00
Kinesiology & Human Motion SpecialistOnline2995.00
Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA exam)Online2995.00
Mental Health TechnicianOnline2195.00
Nutrition & Fitness ProfessionalOnline3995.00
Medical Office Administrative and Ophthalmic AssistantOnline3795.00
Patient AdvocacyOnline2195.00
Personal Training and Group Exercise Training for Older AdultsOnline2495.00
School Nutrition and WellnessOnline2195.00
Sports Nutrition and PerformanceOnline2695.00
Veterinary Assistant Professional ProgramOnline3295.00
Women's Exercise Training and WellnessOnline2195.00
Lean Six Sigma for HospitalsOnline195.00
Ophthalmic AssistantOnline2495.00
Certified Medical Biller and CoderOnline4295.00
Certified Ophthalmic AssistantOnline4495.00
Certified Veterinary AssistantOnline3995.00
Certified Professional Medical CoderOnline3995.00
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant OB/GYN SpecialistOnline3995.00
Clinical Medical Assistant with Orthopedics and Physical Therapy SpecializationOnline3995.00
Introduction to Anatomy and PhysiologyOnline595.00
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Pediatric SpecialistOnline3995.00
Clinical Medical Assistant with Mental Health SpecializationOnline3995.00
Certified Mental Health TechnicianOnline3895.00
Dental Assistant with Family Care SpecializationOnline3695.00
Certified Asistente Médico Clínico AsociadoOnline3995.00
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant AssociateOnline3995.00
Medical Billing and Coding SpecialistOnline2595.00
Certified Medical Administrative AssistantOnline3995.00
Pharmacy Technician with Pediatric and Geriatric SpecializationOnline2895.00
Clinical Medical AdministratorOnline3995.00
Dialysis Technician with Pediatric & Geriatric SpecializationOnline3095.00
Phlebotomy Technician with Pediatric & Geriatric SpecializationOnline2695.00
Certified EKG TechnicianOnline3595.00
Certified Dental AssistantOnline3895.00
Certified Personal Fitness TrainerOnline3995.00
Geriatrics Specialization for Healthcare ProfessionalsOnline195.00
Alternative Medicine Specialization for Healthcare ProfessionalsOnline195.00
Certified Medical AssistantOnline4295.00
Clinical Medical Assistant with Dermatology SpecializationOnline3995.00
Clinical Medical Assistant with Emergency Care SpecializationOnline3995.00
Clinical Medical Associate with ExternshipOnline3795.00
NCSF Sports Nutrition Specialist (Voucher Included)Online595.00
Mental Health Technician with Pediatric & Geriatric SpecializationOnline2295.00
Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum DisordersOnline195.00
Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness, and SportsOnline1995.00
Smart Nutrition: Healthy Eating for All GenerationsOnline195.00
Certified Nutritional CoachOnline2295.00
Weight Management and Nutrition in the LifecycleOnline195.00
Nutritional Analysis and ManagementOnline195.00
Healthy Moms and Infant NutritionOnline195.00
Designing Exercise Prescriptions for Normal/Special PopulationsOnline195.00
Universal PrecautionsOnline40.00
Medical TerminologyOnline895.00
Veterinary Assistant with Horse Care ManagementOnline3995.00
Sports Massage & Athletic Training SpecialistOnline3595.00
Holistic Healing ProfessionalOnline2995.00
Emergency Care Specialization for Healthcare ProfessionalsOnline195.00
Certified Professional Medical Coder with OB/GYN SpecializationOnline4395.00
High School Diploma with Home Care ProfessionalOnline1295.00
Anatomy, Physiology and Human Disease for Massage TherapistsOnline1895.00
Medical Interpreter (Spanish/English)Online2595.00
Introduction to Sports Nutrition and PerformanceOnline195.00
NCSF Certified Strength Coach (Voucher Included)Online595.00
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) (Exam Included)Online695.00
NASM Certified Personal Trainer + Performance Enhancement (Vouchers Included)Online1895.00
NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Exam Preparation (voucher included)Online1295.00
Horse Care ManagementOnline2995.00
Child Development Associate Training RenewalOnline499.00
Certified Risk Adjustment Coder (Voucher Included)Online1495.00
Child Development Associate TrainingOnline850.00
ICD-10 Medical CodingOnline1795.00
Activity DirectorOnline845.00
NASM Certified Personal Trainer + Corrective Exercise (Vouchers Included)Online1895.00
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) (Exam Included)Online695.00
Optical ManagerOnline3995.00
Theory of Massage & BodyworkOnline995.00
Certified Medical TranscriptionistOnline2845.00
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant + Certified Electronic Health Records SpecialistOnline3995.00
Certified Outpatient Coder (Voucher Included)Online2995.00
Advanced Personal Fitness TrainingOnline3695.00
Personal Fitness TrainingOnline2795.00
Asistente Médico Clínico: Especialización en Cuidados de EmergenciaOnline3995.00
Asistente Médico Clínico: Especialización en DermatologíaOnline3995.00
Asistente Médico Clínico: Especialización en Obstetricia y GinecologíaOnline3995.00
Asistente Médico Clínico: Especialización en Ortopedia y FisioterapiaOnline3995.00
Asistente Médico Clínico: Especialización en PediatríaOnline3995.00
Asistente Médico Clínico: Especialización en Salud MentalOnline3995.00
Medical Billing & Coding with ICD-10 CodingOnline2595.00
Professional Medical CoderOnline1995.00
Medical Terminology II: A Focus on Human DiseaseOnline135.00
Become a Physical Therapy AideOnline135.00
Certified Physical Therapy AideOnline2595.00
Spanish For Medical Professionals IOnline135.00
Medical Terminology: A Word Association ApproachOnline135.00
Human Anatomy and PhysiologyOnline135.00
Certificate in Complementary and Integrative Health (self-paced)Online144.00
Introduction to Natural Health and Healing (self-paced)Online99.00
Certified Nutrition & Fitness CoachOnline4295.00
Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health (Self-Paced Tutorial)Online198.00
Explore a Career as an Administrative Medical AssistantOnline135.00
Communication in HealthcareOnline195.00
Being a Medical CoderOnline195.00
Healthcare FundamentalsOnline195.00
Obstetrics and Gynecology SpecializationOnline195.00
Medical Documentation and Record-Keeping: HIPAAOnline195.00
Clinical Medical Assistant with Geriatrics SpecializationOnline3995.00
Certified Medical Biller and Coder SpecialistOnline3995.00
Veterinary Assistant SeriesOnline395.00
Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional (Self-Paced Tutorial)Online199.00
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Master ProfessionalOnline4000.00
Certified Veterinary Office AssistantOnline4295.00
Clinical Medical Assistant with Neurology SpecializationOnline3995.00
Patient Access SpecialistOnline1595.00
Certificate in Brain HealthOnline65.00
Clinical Medical Assistant with EENT SpecializationOnline3995.00
Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and HealthOnline96.00
TEAS Prep SeriesOnline199.00
Certificate in Energy MedicineOnline60.00
Certificate in Healing Environments for Body, Mind, and SpiritOnline96.00
Certified Phlebotomy Technician (Voucher + Lab Included)Online2295.00
Explore a Career as a Clinical Medical AssistantOnline115.00
Explore a Career in Medical TranscriptionOnline135.00
TEAS Prep 1Online115.00
TEAS Prep 2Online115.00
Medical Billing and Coding (Voucher Included)Online2995.00
Certificate in Infectious Diseases and Infection ControlOnline99.00
Certified EKG Technician (Voucher Included)Online1995.00
Spanish For Medical Professionals IIOnline135.00
Electrocardiogram TechnicianOnline2595.00
Certificate in Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Health PromotionOnline135.00
Dental Office AssistantOnline2195.00
HIPAA ComplianceOnline135.00
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant with Medical Billing and Coding (vouchers included)Online3695.00
Certificate in Gerontology (Self-Paced Tutorial)Online179.00
Advanced Medical InterpreterOnline3195.00
Certified Inpatient Coder (Voucher Included)Online2695.00
Patient Care Technician (Voucher Included)Online2745.00
Medical Spanish SeriesOnline199.00
Clinical Medical Assistant: Live SimulationOnline395.00
Certified Phlebotomy Technician (Voucher Included)Online1995.00
NASM Certified Nutrition Coach (Exam Included)Online3885.00
Become a Veterinary Assistant (Self-Paced Tutorial)Online405.00
Medical TranscriptionOnline405.00
Medical Billing Specialist (Voucher Included)Online2495.00
Basic Life Support (BLS) Recertification CourseOnline65.00
Explore a Career in Medical CodingOnline135.00
Veterinary Assistant Specialist ProgramOnline2995.00
Sterile Processing Technician (Voucher Included)Online2795.00
Certified Health Unit Coordinator (Voucher Included)Online1495.00
CPC Certified Medical Administrative Assistant with Medical Billing and Coding with vouchersOnline3195.00
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) (Voucher Included)Online1895.00
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant + Certified EHRS + Medical TerminologyOnline2745.00
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) (Voucher Included)Online2795.00
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant for the Experienced CMAA (Voucher Included)Online2295.00
CBCS Medical Billing and Coding (Voucher Included)Online2195.00
CPC Medical Billing and Coding (voucher included)Online2695.00
Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS PrepOnline1895.00
Medical Office Manager (CPPM) (Vouchers Included)Online3995.00
Optician Certification TrainingOnline1995.00
Personal CreativityOnline99.00
ACE Prep CourseOnline995.00
ACSM Prep CourseOnline995.00
A Parent's Guide to AdolescentsOnline195.00
Diabetes: Prevention and TreatmentOnline195.00
HIPAA for NursesOnline40.00
HIPAA for Substance Abuse ProvidersOnline40.00
HIPAA Privacy Rule Training for Healthcare OrganizationsOnline495.00
Phlebotomy TechnicianOnline2595.00
Pharmacy Technician (Voucher Included)Online2995.00
Certified Pharmacy TechnicianOnline3595.00
Certified Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (Exam Included)Online2195.00
Certified Physical Therapy Aide (Voucher Included)Online2145.00
Veterinary AssistantOnline2145.00
Veterinary Office ManagerOnline3995.00

These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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