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The Certificate in General Office Skills is geared towards anyone who works in an office environment and who is seeking to learn basic general practices in a variety of business areas.

This Online Certificate Program requires the completion of the following 5 Courses:

Budgeting Essentials

In this course you are introduced to the fundamentals of the budgeting process including understanding not only how to prepare a budget but how to manage a budget within the context of a hierarchical organizational structure. You will be exposed to the various components of a budget and how they work together as well as how to prepare, organize, and structure your budget using basic financial statements.

Project Management

This course provides a basic introduction to project management principles from an executive or management perspective. Students will be introduced to modern project management principles, the project management life cycle, and best practices project management methods.

Grammar Essentials

In this course you will learn the foundational elements of grammar and the essential writing skills necessary for daily business communications. You will learn how to word, edit, proofread and format basic documents for daily use within an office environment.

Persuasive Communication

Persuasive communication is essential not only for selling the products or services of the business but for obtaining financing and running daily operations. This course will provide students with the opportunity to gain confidence and improve their communication skills. Even the most skilled communicators can always learn additional techniques for success.

Introduction to Excel

This course will teach students how to use Excel as a tool for scheduling, listing, and formulating data. You will learn how to utilize the spreadsheet for a variety of uses within bookkeeping and accounting functions as well as for organizing or collecting information within a business environment.

No courses currently scheduled.

These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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