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Aboveground Storage Tank/Underground Storage Tank

$650/16 hours

Proper tank management of hazardous materials and petroleum products is critical to maintaining water quality. Aboveground and underground storage tank management through technical, maintenance and regulatory requirements are the core elements to prevent and/or minimize releases.

This course is designed to give environment, safety and health professionals a background, overview and basic understanding of UST and AST systems and components, laws, policies and guidelines to ensure compliance with federal environmental regulations as well as the major environmental programs at the State level. Activities and case studies will be used throughout the course to allow attendees to apply knowledge of the topics discussed during the course.

While attending the AST/UST course, the following topics are taught:    
  • UST/LUST program requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities of EPA and State
  • Environmental Impacts of ASTs and USTs
  • Federal Regulations for ASTs/USTs
  • Plan Requirements for Short & Long Term Action Plans
  • Requirements for Petroleum and Hazardous Substances
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Roles & Responsibilities of the Owners and Operators
  • Release detection techniques
  • Financial responsibilities
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