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OSHA #7210
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

$195/7.5 Hours

The focus of this one-day course is to provide private businesses within general industry with an opportunity to enhance their awareness and preparation for a pandemic. This course will assist business leaders to gain the knowledge and explore strategies that can help them to assure business continuity and employee safety in the midst of a pandemic influenza event. The course will focus on recognizing the reality of the hazards and risks associated with a pandemic, as well as developing the strategies that can help a business, their community, and their family with realistic preparation for a pandemic.

Key topics include:

  • - the potential impact of a pandemic influenza event on a business and community
  • - the critical elements of a preparedness plan
  • - realistic sound strategies for supporting continuity of a business their community and their family.
In addition, the course will offer information on the current 2009 Novel H1N1 influenza pandemic, strategies that can be used to control the spread of an influenza virus, approaches and mechanisms that will help minimize exposure for employees and increase the awareness of participants of the many valuable resources available particularly from OSHA and other government agencies.

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