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MSNR 101 Brick & CMU Masonry Certificate Program

$2,850/320 Contact Hours

Elevate your skill to an Apprentice-Level Mason accredited by the Texas Masonry Council (TMC)! The Brick & CMU Masonry Certificate Program is the first comprehensive, hands-on training to be offered by the new UT Arlington Trade Education Center. The Brick & CMU Certificate Program consists of a single, 8-week course that runs from 8 AM to 5 PM each day. With only 12 students per course, masons-in-training will receive personalized help with course tasks and projects from a bilingual instructor with years of contracting, construction, and teaching experience. Brick & CMU courses will run in both Houston and Arlington (DFW) simultaneously. Courses will be offered in both English and Spanish. Students do not have to be admitted to UT Arlington to register. It's a craft! Register Today!

Note: You must complete and pass the contruction aptitude test found on the Brick & CMU Homepage in order to register for the course.

In the Brick & CMU Masonry Certificate Program, students will learn to:
  • Understand safety rules and regulations to protect themselves and others
  • Properly mix mortar by hand and properly spread mortar with a trowel
  • Properly use and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Use hammers, trowels, chisels, brushes, and other masonry tools
  • Properly use a mason rule and level
  • Use correct procedures for fueling and starting a mixer
  • Use a mason's rule to measurse space and verify squareness
  • Properly set up the mortar mixing area and mix mortar with a power mixer
  • Lay a dry bond for brick & block; Tool and bed a joint for brick & block
  • Lay brick & block to the line in courses that are true for height, level, plumb and range
  • Accurately cut brick & block and build a brick lead
  • Create a brick & block project of the student's own design
  • Lay brick to a higher proficiency with a goal of 450 bricks/day

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