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Due to traffic volumes and other considerations, more and more work is being performed at night. This class is designed for two groups: (1) the managers and decision makers who are responsible for determining how and when work is to be done; and (2) the personnel who perform or inspect the actual work. This training is based on a training program created by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and helps the students to understand when night work might be the best option through the use of a benefit/cost ratio, and what considerations must be taken to insure that night work is performed efficiently and safety.

OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Review basic TTC concepts and principles.
2. Review TTC development process.
3. Introduce "Procedure" for assessing use of night work.
4. Develop skills for designing and managing nighttime TTC.

COURSE DURATION (in hours): 16.00

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