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The Management for High Technology Professionals Certificate Program is for anyone who works with technology human resources or is responsible for some aspect of technology in an organizational setting. It is for those who have recently assumed management responsibilities, anyone who is technology professionals, or anyone who wants a perspective on some of the unique issues facing the management of technology professionals.

This Online Certificate Program requires the completion of the following 8 Courses:

Management Issues in the IT Environment

This course introduces effective management principles for working with IT professionals. Management techniques and effective strategies are explored in this course.

Business Best Practices

Best practices are important in achieving excellence and success. This course focuses on several best practice models from various industries and integrates some of the common themes into a game plan for business success.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

This course develops collaborative problem-solving skills and focuses on the importance of teams in the technology environment.

Strategic Management in Operations

This course develops the practical and managerial skills necessary to successfully plan for operational success. The course covers the basic details for developing an operational plan and designing the strategic direction necessary to achieve these goals.

Financial Accounting for Technology Managers

In this course you will be introduced to the fundamentals of financial accounting management and the profit and loss responsibility that is normally attributable to a position of management.

Budgeting Essentials

In this course you are introduced to the fundamentals of the budgeting process including understanding not only how to prepare a budget but how to manage a budget within the context of a hierarchical organizational structure. You will be exposed to the various components of a budget and how they work together as well as how to prepare, organize, and structure your budget using basic financial statements.

E-Business Operations

The course explores the processes necessary to provide strategic support within the organization. Basic operational issues will be addressed as they relate to e-business. Issues related to e-business financial transactions, project evaluation, managing virtual offices and virtual employees, and other operational topics will be covered.

Project Management

This course covers an introduction to project management from a managerial perspective. This course is excellent for anyone who has decision-making authority in the project management arena.

No courses currently scheduled.

These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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