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In order to obtain an overall program certificate for the Practical Supervisor Skills Certificate Program, participants must complete an application and submit a nonrefundable $50 fee by the completion of the second course. Upon completion of a certificate program students must notify the Continuing Education office. The Continuing Education office will verify the students completion status and mail the certificate out to the address on record.
Please click here to enroll in the Practical Supervisor Skills Certificate Program.

Anyone who supervises staff knows that it can be a very time-consuming part of your job. We developed the Supervisory Skills series to give supervisors the skills they need to make effective supervision almost second nature. The series is divided into three parts currently offered in fall, winter and spring with each part focusing on a different key area of supervision.

Supervisory Skills I: Principles of Supervision
Supervisors have the responsibility to manage not only their own time and performance, but their staff's as well. Designed for new supervisors with little or no formal training, as well as experienced supervisors looking for new strategies to motivate, manage and communicate, this series provides real-world knowledge that can be applied immediately. Each program is comprised of three or four one-day sessions that have a very specific focus. Ideally, supervisors take the complete three-part series for an in-depth learning experience. However, each program is designed to stand alone as is each one-day session. This allows you the flexibility to enroll in the complete series, take just one program or select the individual sessions that are most relevant to your needs. Receive a certificate of completion after finishing Supervisory Skills I, II and III.

Principles of Supervision Courses:
- Understanding Your Role as Supervisor
- How To Avoid Litigation Landmines
- Communicating Effectively
- Managing Differences and Resolving Conflict

Supervisory Skills II - Performance Management
Become an effective mentor, and increase your retention rate. Learn to help all of your staff members do the best jobs they can. Your team in only as strong as its weakest link, and knowing how to effectively manage performance is a critical step in achieving a strong, productive team.

Performance Management Courses:
- How To Navigate Through Change
- Developing People
- Coaching and Mentoring: Developing Employees and Getting Results

Supervisory Skills III - Team Development
New and Experienced supervisors will benefit by learning new strategies for motivating, managing and communicating with their staff. Seasoned supervisors will gain new perspectives on their role as supervisor in addition to learning innovative, practical supervisory skills they can apply immediately. Develop the knowledge to build a high performance team. Examine strategies for effectively motivating and resolving conflict within your team. Learn to spend less time supervising by creating a team that is eager and confident. Become so proficient that supervision is almost second nature.

Team Development Courses:
- Building High Performance Teams
- Delegating for Maximum Results
- Effective Meetings

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