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The Certificate Program in e-Business is foundational for anyone who works in businesses that have an Internet presence as well as managers and entrepreneurs facing opportunities to build and grow businesses in an e-driven economy. There is a required textbook for this program; The Complete E-Commerce Book by Janice Reynolds.

This Online Certificate Program requires the completion of the following 6 Courses:

E-Business Management Strategies

This course focuses on management and leadership essentials as they pertain to the e-environment. Participants will learn techniques for effectively managing and working in an e-economy as well as how to utilize e-commerce to develop and grow a business. Participants will learn how to re-engineer business processes for competitive advantage, customer service, and return on investment.

E-Business Marketing Strategies

This course will cover the essentials of marketing as they pertain to reaching customers and promoting business through the Web. Participants will learn techniques and strategies that will enhance their organization’s ability to utilize technologies effectively for e-marketing, e-mail campaigns, data mining, and other e-marketing tools to increase market, and promote branding and corporate image.

E-Business Technology

This course explores some of the technologies that are necessary to support an e-business. Topics will include database management, building an infrastructure to support the operations of an ebusiness, website authoring tools and design, search engines, intranets, internet speed and access, servers, knowledge management, intellectual property, and security.

E-Business Legal Issues

Legal considerations for the new economy is an intense study of legal issues surrounding Web business. It is designed for lawyers, executives, upper-level managers, entrepreneurs, sales/marketing professionals, software developers, engineers -- anyone interested in the legal ramifications of doing business on the Web. However, students of various backgrounds may choose to include this program as part of a broader study of e-commerce and e-business.

E-Business Operations

The course explores the processes necessary to provide strategic support within the organization. Basic operational issues will be addressed as they relate to e-business. Issues related to e-business financial transactions, project evaluation, managing virtual offices and virtual employees, and other operational topics will be covered.


This course explores the special topics associated with e-commerce. Participants will focus on website issues related to e-commerce transactions, catalogs, shopping carts, and serving customers through various distribution channels. Operational strategies peculiar to the e-retailing environment will be explored in more detail.

No courses currently scheduled.

These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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