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Marketing Specialist Certificate Program

This program explores the emerging marketing trends critical for successful marketing professionals of the future. It is ideal for those who are looking for an entry-level marketing position. The courses are tailored to prepare you for the challenges faced as a marketing professional. Gain the technical, analytical, writing and research skills needed to become marketable. There are seven required courses; one elective; a Capstone; and a 32-hour Marketing Internship.

Required Courses

Fundamentals of Marketing | 12 Hours
This is an intensive course that will provide you with the practical marketing tools needed to become a dynamic Marketing Professional. Learn the marketing management process, key marketing elements and how to prepare an effective Marketing Plan.

Writing for Marketing Professionals | 12 Hours
Build the essential skills necessary as a Marketing Professional by learning effective writing techniques to write clearly, concisely and persuasively. Learn how Marketing objectives affect writing choices. Use the power of words to generate buzz, tell a story and reach your desired market. This is a hands-on course designed to prepare you for the unique writing skills required of Marketing Professionals.

Practical Project Management Fundamentals | 8 Hours
This course provides much more than valuable information on project management. It actually helps you organize and deliver your next project whether that is with your team, with your division, or with an outside group. This one-day course concentrates on a practical guide to Project Management based on accepted best practices. We will examine various methods of delivering a project on time, within budget and within scope.

Integrated Web Marketing & Google Analytics | 15 Hours
This course offers comprehensive hands on training in the quickly evolving online media landscape. Utilizing proven tools in written, visual and digital communications via blogging and social media, students will learn to use a multi-faceted approach to market their blogs and websites as like a business. Through these online publishing tools, blogs and website owners can better market themselves to established brands and companies, create informational e-products that can generate revenue on their sites, dive into affiliate marketing and building online revenue sharing programs, and utilizing niche marketing to build continual user engagement. Students will also learn how to use Google Analytics and basic Search Engine Optimization techniques to identify traffic patterns for their site and to assist in developing content. Prerequisite: You must have a Google account.

Marketing Research and Analysis | 24 Hours
Marketing Research is a crucial part of the strategic marketing process. The data obtained from marketing research changes the way we approach marketing. Learn how to analyze data from marketing research, which will help you learn more about your customers, products and/or services. Manage the complexity of marketing data by applying the six stages of research. Learn analytical techniques for marketing effectiveness and improved business results. Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing program. Participate in team activities to resolve research problems.

Public Relations Fundamentals | 12 Hours
An introductory public relations course prepares students to understand each component and how it functions in the profession, while learning the role of public relations in the modern world. Students examine real-world problems and solutions through case studies and independent projects. They acquire the skills to improve corporate images, release formal statements and navigate interview styles in an introductory public relations course.

Social Media Marketing | 6 Hours
If you have a Facebook page, you Twitter, you're on LinkedIn or Yelp, Social Media Marketing can help you grow your business or your personal brand. Part public relations, customer service, brand marketing and advertising, you will learn the strategies to apply to your business or brand using one or a few social media strategies.

Marketing Assistant Certificate Program Capstone | 8 Hours
Prerequisite: All required courses.
The Marketing Assistant Professional Certificate Program Capstone will consist of a comprehensive overview of all of the required courses.

One Required Elective

Adobe InDesign for MACs | 16 Hours
This course provides students with the foundation necessary to become proficient in InDesign. Taking the industry by storm, InDesign is becoming the choice for professionals who create page layouts. Students will learn by doing, building documents from the ground up. This course is a necessary component for every successful design student.

Adobe Photoshop | 16 Hours
This course will provide students with the foundation necessary to become proficient in Photoshop. Raster versus vector images, selection tools, layers, filters, image sizing for print & web, image adjustments - students will have plenty of hands-on activities to reinforce the course material. You will be introduced to a variety of techniques & tools, making this a valuable session even for someone with basic Photoshop knowledge.

WordPress WebMaster – Level 1 | 16 Hours
The ultimate goal of the Level 1 WordPress course is for students to be able to administer the basic functions of a WordPress site and add content to it. This will encompass Posts, Pages and the Basic use of the Media section.

Designing Logos | 16 Hours
An effective logo is not just a name set in an interesting typeface. A logo should describe the company or brand in a way that allows the consumer to understand its nature and focus. Classes will include logo concepts such as corporate identity, image and branding. There will be examples of existing designs, both successful and not. There will be exercises and projects designed to allow you to develop a personal style and build your portfolio. The class will be a step-by-step approach to the logo design process, including concept, execution and client presentation.

Creating Mobile Apps Without Code | 16 Hours
Learn how to create real-world mobile solutions for business, including mobile coupons, food ordering, loyalty programs, push notifications and much more. Using a popular cloud based mobile app building platform, you will learn how to design an app for a restaurant, golf course, church and one that is your choice. Your creative Photoshop skills will shine when you customize the photo galleries, backgrounds and custom icons in making these beautiful and functional apps for business.

Upon completion of the required courses, elective, and payment of the non-refundable Marketing Specialist Certificate fee, students must notify the Continuing Education office. After verifying the student's completion status, a certificate will be mailed to the student's address on record.
No courses currently scheduled.

These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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