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RM 701

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RM 701
Advanced Accident Investigation

32 Hours | $695

Contract Price: $9,000


This 4-day course will teach participants advanced skills in conducting accident investigations that will aid in determining contributing factors that lead to the injury or fatality and how to develop a course of action to prevent future problems. Participants will also learn the importance of conducting a thorough investigation in a consistent manner that will, if necessary, stand up in court. Topics also include calculation of the costs, direct and indirect, associated with an accident. Coursework includes lecture, in-class workshops and case studies, and out-of-class work.

Course prerequisites:


  • Participants must present a government-issued photo ID in order to attend this training.

CodeCourse NameCityBeginsEndsFeeNew
RM 701Advanced Accident InvestigationEl Paso11/27/1811/30/18695.00
RM 701Advanced Accident InvestigationAustin01/22/1901/25/19695.00
RM 701Advanced Accident InvestigationTulsa02/05/1902/08/19695.00
RM 701Advanced Accident InvestigationHouston03/11/1903/14/19695.00
RM 701Advanced Accident InvestigationArlington04/02/1904/05/19695.00
RM 701Advanced Accident InvestigationAlbuquerque07/09/1907/12/19695.00
RM 701Advanced Accident InvestigationHouston09/16/1909/19/19695.00
RM 701Advanced Accident InvestigationArlington10/01/1910/04/19695.00

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