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OSHA #521
OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene

26 Hours | $595

Contract Price: $8,000


This course is intended to increase your knowledge of OSHA regulations related to industrial hygiene as well as relevant industrial hygiene practices and procedures. Specific topics such as permissible exposure limits, respiratory protection, engineering controls, hazard communication, sampling instrumentation, hearing conservation, workplace health program and other industrial hygiene issues will be addressed.

Learn to:

  • Define terms relating to OSHA health requirements
  • Recognize potential health hazards in the workplace
  • Perform basic health hazard evaluations using OSHA sampling procedures
  • Recommend suitable strategies for controlling hazardous conditions
  • Describe the elements required for an effective workplace health program

Topics covered:

  • Air contaminant sampling
  • Air sampling workshop
  • Compliance with air contaminant standards
  • Compliance with hazard communication
  • Compliance with hazardous waste standards
  • Compliance with the asbestos standard
  • Compliance with the bloodborne pathogens standard
  • Compliance with the noise standard
  • Compliance with the respirator standard
  • Compliance with ventilation standards and laboratory ventilation
  • Detector tube sampling
  • Hazard violation workshop
  • Health hazard recognition
  • OSHA ergonomic guidelines
  • OSHA recordkeeping


  • Participants must present a government-issued photo ID in order to attend this training.

CodeCourse NameCityBeginsEndsFee
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneHouston08/02/2108/05/21595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneArlington08/10/2108/13/21595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneAustin09/28/2110/01/21595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneArlington10/19/2110/22/21595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneHouston10/25/2110/28/21595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneBaton Rouge11/09/2111/12/21595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneOklahoma City11/16/2111/19/21595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneAlbuquerque11/30/2112/03/21595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneArlington12/14/2112/17/21595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneHouston01/18/2201/21/22595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneArlington02/14/2202/17/22595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneArlington04/05/2204/08/22595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneSan Antonio04/12/2204/15/22595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneAlbuquerque04/19/2204/22/22595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneHouston05/23/2205/26/22595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneArlington05/31/2206/03/22595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneBaton Rouge06/14/2206/17/22595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneOklahoma City07/26/2207/29/22595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneHouston08/01/2208/04/22595.00
OSHA #521OSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneArlington08/09/2208/12/22595.00
OSHA #521 WebcastOSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneOnline10/26/2110/29/21595.00
OSHA #521 WebcastOSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneOnline03/22/2203/25/22595.00
OSHA #521 WebcastOSHA Guide to Industrial HygieneOnline07/19/2207/22/22595.00

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