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OSHA #2264

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OSHA #2264
Permit-Required Confined Space Entry

22.5 Hours | $595

Contract Price: $7,000


This course covers the safety and health hazards associated with permit-required confined space entry. Course topics include recognition of confined space hazards, identification of permit and non-permit required confined spaces, use of instrumentation to evaluate atmospheric hazards, ventilation techniques, developing and implementation of a confined space program, proper signage, and training requirements. This course features workshops on permit entry classification, instrumentation and program development.


  • Participants must present a government-issued photo ID in order to attend this training.

CodeCourse NameCityBeginsEndsFeeNew
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryHouston07/28/2007/30/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryEl Paso08/18/2008/20/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryHot Springs08/11/2008/13/20595.00
OSHA #2264 WebcastPermit-Required Confined Space EntryOnline08/04/2008/06/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryCorpus Christi09/15/2009/17/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryHouston09/22/2009/24/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryOklahoma City10/13/2010/15/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryAlbuquerque10/06/2010/08/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryLubbock09/15/2009/17/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryArlington09/29/2010/01/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntrySan Antonio11/03/2011/05/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryHouston11/17/2011/19/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryDallas12/01/2012/03/20595.00
OSHA #2264Permit-Required Confined Space EntryNew Orleans12/15/2012/17/20595.00

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