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OSHA #2255

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OSHA #2255
Principles of Ergonomics

19 Hours | $595

Contract Price: $7,000


This course covers the use of ergonomic principles to recognize, evaluate, and control workplace conditions that cause or contribute to musculoskeletal and nerve disorders. Course topics include work physiology, anthropometry, musculoskeletal disorders, use of video display terminals, and risk factors such as vibration, temperature, material handling, repetition, and lifting and patient transfers in health care. Course emphasis is on industrial case studies covering analysis and design of work situations and equipment workshops in manual lifting, and coverage of current OSHA compliance policies and guidelines.


  • Participants must present a government-issued photo ID in order to attend this training.

Currently Scheduled

CodeCourse NameCityBeginsEndsFeeNew
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsAlbuquerque09/18/1809/20/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsAustin08/21/1808/23/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsTulsa07/17/1807/19/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsMetairie05/08/1805/10/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsHouston05/21/1805/23/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsArlington06/19/1806/21/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsWest Memphis10/02/1810/04/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsOklahoma City10/16/1810/18/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsHot Springs11/06/1811/08/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsHouston11/13/1811/15/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsEl Paso12/11/1812/13/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsPort Lavaca12/18/1812/20/18595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsArlington01/22/1901/24/19595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsHouston03/05/1903/07/19595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsNew Orleans03/19/1903/21/19595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsTulsa05/28/1905/30/19595.00
OSHA #2255Principles of ErgonomicsHouston (South)07/23/1907/25/19595.00

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