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OSHA #2045

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OSHA #2045
Machinery and Machine Guarding Standards

26 Hours | $595

Contract Price: $8,000


This course will help you become familiar with a wide variety of common machinery and the associated hazards of the machinery along with related safety standards and appropriate guarding methods including protection about hazardous energy sources (lockout/tagout). Participants will learn to apply hazard recognition concepts on a site inspection using a process of identifying and evaluating the machinery and machine guarding hazards; researching the related standards; and exploring hazard abatement options.

Learn to:

  • Identify common machines and associated hazards found within a broad spectrum of industries
  • Identify hazards that occur around machinery, including, but not limited to, woodworking equipment, metal-working equipment, and mechanical power presses
  • Recognize additional hazards common to abrasive wheels, power transmissions, mills, and calenders, as well as portable tool safeguarding
  • Select appropriate OSHA standards that apply to a hazard
  • Present options to achieve abatement

Topics covered:

  • Hazards and standards workshop
  • Review of machinery and machine guarding
  • Review of guarding and devices
  • Control of hazardous energy sources (lockout/tagout)
  • Electrical safety-related work practices


  • Participants must present a government-issued photo ID in order to attend this training.

CodeCourse NameCityBeginsEndsFeeNew
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsWest Memphis04/02/1904/05/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsAlbuquerque04/15/1904/18/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsArlington04/30/1905/03/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsEl Paso05/07/1905/10/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsBaton Rouge05/14/1905/17/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsShreveport05/21/1905/24/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsHouston06/10/1906/13/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsSan Antonio06/18/1906/21/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsArlington07/23/1907/26/19595.00
OSHA #2045 (Evening)Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsArlington08/05/1908/15/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsOklahoma City09/03/1909/06/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsHouston09/09/1909/12/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsArlington10/29/1911/01/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsMetairie11/05/1911/08/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsHouston12/09/1912/12/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsAustin12/17/1912/20/19595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsArlington01/28/2001/31/20595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsPort Lavaca10/08/1910/11/19595.00

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