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OSHA #2045
Machinery and Machine Guarding Standards

26 Hours | $595
Contract Price: $8,000

This course covers the various types of common machinery, machine safe guards, and related OSHA regulations and procedures. Guidance is provided on the hazards associated with various types of machinery and the determination of proper machine safe guards. Course topics include machinery processes, mechanical motions, points of operation, control of hazardous energy sources (lockout/tagout), common OSHA machine guarding violations, and guarding of portable powered tools, conveyors, and robotics. Program highlights include the ability to recognize hazards and provide options for control and hazard abatement through machine safeguarding inspection workshops. Upon course completion, students will have the ability to describe common machine hazards and sources of energy, identify resources for assisting with machine guarding issues, and determine methods of control and hazard abatement, and selection of appropriate machine safeguards.


  • Participants must present a government-issued photo ID in order to attend this training.

CodeCourse NameCityBeginsEndsFee
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsHouston03/07/2203/10/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsAlbuquerque04/12/2204/15/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsOklahoma City04/19/2204/22/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsArlington04/26/2204/29/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsHouston06/06/2206/09/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsSan Antonio06/14/2206/17/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsBaton Rouge07/12/2207/15/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsArlington07/19/2207/22/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsTulsa08/30/2209/02/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsCorpus Christi05/17/2205/20/22595.00
OSHA #2045 WebcastMachinery and Machine Guarding StandardsOnline05/03/2205/06/22595.00
OSHA #2045 WebcastMachinery and Machine Guarding StandardsOnline03/01/2203/04/22595.00
OSHA #2045 WebcastMachinery and Machine Guarding StandardsOnline08/16/2208/19/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsAustin11/01/2211/04/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsEl Paso11/15/2211/18/22595.00
OSHA #2045Machinery and Machine Guarding StandardsHouston11/28/2212/01/22595.00
OSHA #2045 WebcastMachinery and Machine Guarding StandardsOnline10/11/2210/14/22595.00
OSHA #2045 WebcastMachinery and Machine Guarding StandardsOnline12/13/2212/16/22595.00

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