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OSHA #2015

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OSHA #2015
Hazardous Materials

26 Hours | $595

Contract Price: $8,000


This course provides an overview of OSHA's General Industry standards regarding hazardous materials as well as other proprietary and consensus standards related to hazardous materials. Subjects covered include proper storage and handling procedures; precautions for hazardous waste operations; and processes for handling flammable and combustible liquids, compressed gases, and cryogenic liquids.

Learn to:

  • Describe methods for detecting unsafe storage conditions for hazardous materials
  • Explain electrical factors that may contribute to the creation or abatement of hazardous conditions
  • Relate hazardous conditions and unsafe procedures to appropriate standards for abatement action
  • Specify necessary precautions for hazardous operations, such as the dispensing of flammable and combustible liquids
  • Describe proper abatement techniques for selected industrial hazards

Topics covered:

  • Flammable and combustible liquids
  • Compressed gases
  • LP-gas
  • Cryogenic liquids
  • Spraying and dipping processes
  • Electrical equipment
  • Process safety management
  • Hazardous waste operations and emergency response
  • Permit-required confined space entry
  • Welding
  • Ammonia


  • Participants must present a government-issued photo ID in order to attend this training.

CodeCourse NameCityBeginsEndsFeeNew
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsHouston12/18/1812/21/18595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsArlington01/29/1902/01/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsPort Lavaca02/19/1902/22/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsHouston03/25/1903/28/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsArlington04/02/1904/05/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsEl Paso04/16/1904/19/19595.00
OSHA #2015 (Evening)Hazardous MaterialsArlington04/08/1904/18/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsMetairie04/30/1905/03/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsOklahoma City05/14/1905/17/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsAlbuquerque05/28/1905/31/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsHouston02/26/1903/01/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsAustin06/11/1906/14/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsArlington06/25/1906/28/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsHouston07/15/1907/18/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsDumas09/03/1909/06/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsArlington09/17/1909/20/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsHouston10/21/1910/24/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsOklahoma City12/03/1912/06/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsArlington12/10/1912/13/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsCorpus Christi11/05/1911/08/19595.00
OSHA #2015Hazardous MaterialsSan Antonio12/10/1912/13/19595.00

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