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Qualified Flagger Training

This course is intended for individuals who will be performing or engaging in flagging duties on construction/maintenance projects. The course will provide a better understanding of the importance and duties involved with flagging on a project.


  • Student participation using hands-on procedures for the flagger
  • Overview of the flagger’s job
  • Proper clothing – nighttime vs. daytime operations
  • Tools to be used & proper use of tools (STOP, PROCEED & SLOW)
  • Flagger stations & situations
  • Single, double flaggers, and pilot vehicle operations
  • Working with a red flag & flashlight traffic wand
  • Flagging at intersections
  • Proper flagger conduct

Upon successful course completion, students will receive a Qualified Flagger wallet card valid for a period of 3 years.

This course is recommended for any persons required to perform flagger duties and persons involved in the direct/indirect supervision of flaggers.

UTA will contract with an organization to deliver a course at its location and at its convenience. Contract classes are best suited for organizations looking to train a minimum of 10 or more students. (Max class size of 20.) To get a quote on training, please email or call 817-272-9632.

UT Arlington reserves the right to change or cancel any class. In the unfortunate event that a class must be changed or cancelled, you will be notified by phone and/or email. (Please provide us with the best way to contact you during the day.) The decision to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment will be made approximately one to two days prior to the class. In the event that a class for which you have registered is cancelled, you may choose another class or receive a refund in accordance with the UT Arlington-CE Refund Policy.

CodeCourse NameCityBeginsEndsFeeNew
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingHouston09/24/1909/24/19200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingLa Marque10/08/1910/08/19200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingArlington10/25/1910/25/19200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingAustin11/05/1911/05/19200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger Training (Spanish)El Paso11/18/1911/18/19200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingEl Paso11/19/1911/19/19200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingHouston01/28/2001/28/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingLa Marque02/11/2002/11/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingArlington02/25/2002/25/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingAustin03/10/2003/10/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger Training (Spanish)El Paso03/23/2003/23/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingEl Paso03/24/2003/24/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingHouston05/05/2005/05/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingLa Marque05/19/2005/19/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingArlington06/09/2006/09/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingAustin06/23/2006/23/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger Training (Spanish)El Paso07/13/2007/13/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingEl Paso07/14/2007/14/20200.00
FLG521Qualified Flagger TrainingSan Antonio09/10/1909/10/19200.00

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