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3ds Max

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Fee: $1,695.00  

Sorry, this course is inactive. Please contact our office to see if it will be reinstated, or if alternative classes are available.

Course Description

If you are looking to create professional 3D graphics that appear just like the ones in the video games you play at home, then this is the program for you! This program is broken up into three training modules. The first is designed to make learning the fundamentals of game object modeling fun while still covering a large variety of required professional techniques. The second module expands on the first and demonstrates how to create and use professional game oriented textured assets and export them to game engines. The third and final module focuses primarily on creating and animating game characters. This 3ds Max online training program gives you the chance to immerse yourself in a 3D world. This program is designed for aspiring game animators who want to learn all the basics in this exciting field.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will:

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