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Safety, Health, and Environmental Risk Management (SHERM) Principles

Dates: November 2-5, 2020

Meets: M, Tu, W and Th from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Location: Houston, TX TBA

Fee: $695.00


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RM 101
Safety, Health, and Environmental Risk Management (SHERM) Principles

32 Hours | $695

Contract Price: $9,000


This course will provide an overview of risk management from the safety, health, and environmental program perspective. Specific topics covered will include introduction to risk management utilizing ISO STD 31000; key terminology; describing and applying the risk management process; and, suggested strategies for improving environmental, safety, and health programs using risk management principles.

  • How an organization's enterprise risk is identified and analyzed
  • How risk management alternatives are evaluated
  • How the most desirable option is selected
  • Implementation of selected risk management techniques
  • Suggested strategies for adapting programs to the risk management organizational environment
  • Development of a risk portfolio for a notional business applying the ISO 31000 process
  • Ample time will be allotted for questions, answers and discussion


  • Participants must present a government-issued photo ID in order to attend this training.

Fee: $695.00

Houston, TX TBA