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Introduction to Cyber Risk

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Fee: $1,450.00  

Course Description

This is the first course of a series of courses designed to provide organizational leaders at various levels with sufficient knowledge and skills to drive improvements to their organization's cybersecurity capabilities. This three day course is designed for busy risk managers and other leaders who need to understand cyber risk.

The CYB601 course discusses such topics as real world examples of cyber attacks, assessing risks, and responding to risks. In this rapidly changing field, this course is built upon the recently released National Institute of Standards (NIST) cybersecurity framework. (The NIST framework, applies across all industries and organizations, and is currently voluntary.) By completing this Introduction to Cyber Risks training course, participants will understand, value and apply organizational cybersecurity risk management including assessment, analysis and risk-based decision making.

Learn to:
  • Recognize how cyber risk evolves with technology
  • Name and describe common cyber attacks
  • Identify potential implications and consequences of a data breach
  • Identify the components of cybersecurity risk
  • Match cyber threat actors, actions and motivations
  • Identify the vulnerabilities for specific cyber attack vectors
  • Demonstrate use of the 3-Step Process in determining the likelihood of a threat event
  • List the cyber risk management components
  • Recognize senior leadership's role in cyber risk management
  • Identify risk management frameworks
  • Apply a lifecycle approach to risk management
  • Identify potential implications and consequences of a data breach
  • Frame risk for a given scenario
  • Develop a Risk Assessment Plan
  • Identify appropriate risk responses
  • Identify the key elements of an acceptable Risk Assessment Report
  • Define the appropriate monitoring type and frequency of monitoring

Materials provided include the Introduction to Cyber Risk Participant Workbook (©UTA, 2014)

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