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DED Instructors



AGC AR Coordinator

Lidia Abbott

Debra Atkinson While a college professor in the field of communication for 17 years (with a BA in English/History and a MA in English/Rhetoric), my first degree was in elementary education with an emphasis in special education. Complementing my teaching career, I have earned the highest level of certification in tutoring (Level III in Texas) through UTA's tutorial program. Most of my private tutoring is with elementary aged children. In fact, after being hired to tutor a five-year-old (in 2010), the parents hired me to develop a kindergarten/1st grade home-school curriculum for their son who had lagged behind in kindergarten. Within 5 months, he increased his reading and vocabulary skills to a 2nd grade level.

My personal philosophy is bound to education, and the rewards students experience when they develop new critical thinking skills; for once these skills are established, they help to shift a student from being extrinsically motivated, and dependent on others, to intrinsically motivated, and therefore an independent thinker-a major academic rite of passage. As an educator, my greatest joy is to watch as learners of any age rise above their doubts or concerns and accomplish formative goals…the many milestones in the learning curve of life. Once a friend asked me, "Have you ever felt euphoric?" Without hesitation, I replied, "Every time I'm in class with my students."

Raad Azzawi

B B Coordinator

Miranda Bahimzadeh

Barry Baker

Tandi Ball Tandi received a Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Oklahoma and has been in the industry of occupational safety and health since 1991. She is a Certified Safety and Health Official, in both the construction and general industries. As an OSHA Compliance Officer for the State of New Mexico, she participated in the OSHA response to the events on September 11, at the World Trade Center. She has been an OSHA Education Center instructor since 2001.

A Lucy Barragan

I was born in Colombia, South America. For most of my life I was educated in an all-female boarding school, at a time when the women of the house were not allowed to go to college, because a blend of boys and girls in the same place was not a choice. All throughout my formative years, reading was required first by my mother at home and then at school. While children in my neighborhood where playing with their friends inside or out of their homes, we were compelled to read and discuss the contents of the books. Since my mother's side of the family produced a line of low and high profile politicians and diplomats, our education, both tutorial and in school, emphasized local and world politics as well as global geography and its socio-economic impact.

Later in my life, in the USA, while studying marketing, I worked at Berlitz to earn extra money. But there was another purpose: to learn their very exclusive and distinct method of teaching that has now become a very popular and no doubt the best way to learn a language - Total Immersion. My love for the language and the great satisfaction of watching the results convinced me that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Today, and every day, I know I made the right decision, as a number of my private students can now read literature and understand movies made in Spanish, without the help of translations.

John Bauler

Nichole Bennett

Troy Benthall

David Boone David Boone is certified through the United States Navy as a heavy equipment operator and truck driver. With over 26 years of experience in the construction and general industry, Mr. Boone's career began running heavy equipment and progressed rapidly to site supervisor, project manager, safety management and safety consultant. Over the years, David has attended Texas State Technical College as well as the University of Texas at Arlington receiving numerous certifications from OSHA, the EPA, and the TCEQ (Petroleum Storage Tank Investigator, Texas Water Utilities Association Training and Class D Basic Water Licensing) as well as the Texas Railroad Commission and the RVDA-RVIA. Mr. Boone has spent the last 6 years conducting expert witness work, safety consulting, curriculum development and instruction for private firms such as Mitchell, Goff, Mitchell and the New England Water Works Association as well as individual companies both locally owned and operated and nationwide. Mr. Boone also conducts training for the University of Texas at Arlington (instructing and curriculum development for Transportation Training, Public Works, Military Service Center, OSHA Education Center and Environmental Training Institute.

Roger Boos

Heather Buen

Thomas (Tom) Burns Tom Burns has instructed Ergonomics and other safety courses for OSHA Education Centers, universities, industrial organizations, and governmental agencies for more than 15 years. His credentials include Certified Professional Ergonomist, Licensed Professional Engineer, Board Certified Safety Professional, and Certified Environmental Safety and Health Trainer.

A C Coordinator

Jeffrey Campbell

Debra Carney

Douglas Castro

Simon Chavez Simon Chavez has obtained a Master in Education from New Mexico Highland University. Simon has been in the education and instructor industry for more than 35 years. He has been in the Occupational Safety and Health industry for 11 years. He gained his experience from being an adjunct instructor for Texas Engineering Extension Service, and Consultant for New Mexico Environment Department Occupational health and Safety Bureau. Simon is a Certified Safety and Health Official for General Industry and Construction Industry.

Farina Chawdhry

Jody Christopherson-DeGan

Christy Close

John (Rex)David Coffman Rex is an award-winning trainer/facilitator in the fields of environmental health and safety, and has had the opportunity to work with, educate and coach safety and environmental professionals, students and military personnel both academically and professionally for 15 years. Rex is a seasoned environmental professional with more than 30 years of leadership in the implementation, management and facilitation of complex environmental permitting, compliance and enforcement proceedings at the federal, state and local levels of government. He is also very experienced in the legislative and regulatory processes, and has provided technical comments on several major federal and state environmental rules, and has offered expert testimony before the Texas Senate Natural Resources, and the Texas House of Representatives Environmental Regulation Committees. Rex received his MS in Interdisciplinary Studies (Environmental Engineering, Public Administration and Business) from the University of Texas at Arlington, and his BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Texas Tech University. Rex has also been very fortunate to assist in providing educational success and leadership at a number of exceptional educational organizations including the University of Texas at Arlington, and Tarrant County College as well as with a number of private firms. Rex is a Veteran of the United States Navy having served proudly aboard USS Long Beach, CGN-9 where he was the Launcher Captain of the aft Mark 10 "Terrier" Guided Missile Launching System.

Dan Connors

AGCTUL Coordinator

Gary Counts

James Crawford

Clay Crowell

S D Coordinator

David David

Laura De Hoyos

Marsie De Oliveira Marsie De Oliveira is a Board Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and has a Master of Science degree in Environment, Safety and Health from the University of Miami. As a Department of Energy (DOE) Facility Representative, she provided oversight to 25 DOE defense program facilities at Sandia National Laboratories. As a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy Reserve, she served as an Environmental Health and Industrial Hygiene Officer. For over 25 years, Marsie De Oliveira has provided workplace exposure monitoring, job hazard analyses, management and program development and training services to the civilian and government sectors in environment, safety and health. Ms. De Oliveira has presented at safety and health conferences and served on various safety committees. Currently, Marsie provides technical support and training at National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) sites, is an Instructor for the University of Texas at Arlington, and is the Principal for De Oliveira Enterprises, LLC.

Judi Dedrick

Kenneth Delaney

Stan Demke Stan Demke works full time as a CNC applications engineer for a major CNC machine manufacturer. During his 20 years experience as a machinist and CNC programmer, Stan has been instructing apprentice machinist students since 1999 and instructing the CNC Programming classes at UTA since 2008. Stan uses his experience as an applications engineer to engage students with practical programming situations and techniques. Stan also uses social media to expand on communicating class examples and videos to students. Search CNC Programming on Facebook to see more.

Cassandra Dillon Cassandra Dillon currently holds certifications as a Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer (CESCO), Safety, Health, Environmental Professional (SHEP), and Construction Site Safety Master (CSSM). Also, she has a M.S in Risk Control from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and a B.S in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana State University. In industry, she has provided comprehensive support to companies in all areas of Environmental, Safety, Occupational Health, Engineering, Security and Regulatory Compliance. Currently, as an Associate/Adjunct Professor, she lectures and consults in the areas of environmental systems -air, water, waste and energy management, occupational safety, health, risk management, emergency planning, and logistics.

WITS Education

Stacie Ellis

Oscar Enriquez Oscar Enriquez has been in the field of Electrical Engineering for since 1980. His experience stems from being a Plant Engineer, Safety and Environmental Manager, and Construction Electrical Foreman. He works as an occupational safety and health professional conducting safety audits, developing safety programs, delivering training, helping to reducing job related injuries. Oscar has been an OSHA Education Center instructor since 2007 years and is a Certified Safety and Health Official for General Industry and Construction Industry.

John Erichsen John C. Erichsen has extensive knowledge of - and first-hand experience in - designing, delivering, and administering fire protection, emergency services, incident management and health and safety programs. Currently serving the University of Texas in Arlington as Director, Center for Fire & Safety, Division for Enterprise Development, Mr. Erichsen created the Center’s Fire and Safety instructional program and developed its landmark curriculum. Highly respected by both students and academia for his invaluable expertise, Mr. Erichsen has now expanded his credentials to include global speaker and presenter. Routinely asked to share his wealth of experience with audiences throughout the nation and the world, Mr. Erichsen considers these requests an honor, one which he enthusiastically accepts. Mr. Erichsen joined the University’s academic team in 2013, after serving the United States Department of the Army Fire Protection for 40 years, culminating in the Pentagon-level position of Director, Army Fire and Emergency Services Department, a position for which he was recruited. At the Pentagon, Mr. Erichsen filled a 2-year vacancy, a challenge he met with veracity. He pioneered a department-wide restructuring that improved programming and strengthened financial stability, rendering improvements across all 135 U.S. Army installation fire and emergency services. In so doing, he achieved a global “right-size initiative” in concert with directives handed down from the President of the United States, modernized resources, delivered funding programs, and developed policies and procedures that benchmarked global operating efficiencies and optimized cost containment. With a keen eye to technology, he augmented the transfer of military tracking technology into the civilian firefighting arena. Having initiated his career as a fire chief in New Jersey, Mr. Erichsen incorporated military-engineered technology and fire management principles into an existing fire protection and emergency services infrastructure, resulting in an award-winning, high-tech, and safety-compliant organization. Today, Mr. Erichsen continues to remain on the cutting edge of emerging fire protection trends and technology. With extensive professional credentials and commendations, and as a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Mr. Erichsen is an authority on a myriad of subjects related to fire protection, incident management, emergency services, and health and safety initiatives.

C F Coordinator

D F Coordinator For information on the training site please contact the coordinator, Dino Franco, at 505-344-2072 or

J F Coordinator

Roberta Fisher

J G Coordinator

S G Coordinator For information on the training site please contact the coordinator, Stephanie Glover at

Michael Gallaway

Michael Gallaway, CIRM, ICGB is a Six Sigma and Supply Chain Professional with 27 years of professional experience in Logistics & Supply Chain Management across 4 industries. His areas of expertise include: Warehousing & Distribution Management, Forecasting Customer Demand, Sales & Operations Planning, Inventory Management, Business Process Creation & Improvement, Project Management, Customer & Vendor relationships, Business Process Improvement, & CPFR.
Professional Experince and Credentials:

  • APICS Certified Professional
  • IASSC Green Belt Certified
  • Inventory Manager, Vintage & Collectibles Boutique
Teaching Experience:
  • Adjunct Professor, Supply Chain Certificate, UTA
  • Adjunct Professor, Logistics Technology, Northlake College
  • Adjunct Professor, Logistics/International Business, San Jacinto College
Civic Involvement:
  • Irving ISD District Improvement Committee
  • Irving Las Colinas Chamber Transportation Management Association
  • Irving City Council, 2010-2013

Nichole Gambulos (Waggoner)

Marti Geron

Marti has over thirty years experience in the health care industry that includes billing, coding, reimbursement, education and management. She has had the opportunity of working in different positions and many specialties in the medical field earning her CMA, CM, and CPC certifications. As one of the nation's first certified coders, she was named a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders National Advisory Board and proctored the Certification exams from 1995 to 2000. She was awarded Associate Instructor of the Year at PMI's National Conference in June and, consequently, was asked to serve on the Practice Management Institute (PMI) 2007-2008 National Advisory Board. She has worked for the UT System over thirteen years and due to her love of teaching and the need for certified coders she has taught evening courses at two major universities for the last seven years.

Marti has been very active as Founder and President of three AAPC Chapters throughout Texas and named networker of the year twice through the AAPC's Dallas Medical Center Chapter. She is on the Editorial Advisory Board of "The Coding Institute" for ten of their specialty newsletters. As one can see she stays busy. but she says, "It is an ever changing field that never gets boring".

Sandy Goins

George Gonzales

C H Coordinator For information on the training site please contact the coordinator, Cindy Hammons, at 479-936-5178 or

E H Coordinator For information on the training site please contact the coordinator, Shane Dykes, at 318-397-6178

L H Coordinator

L H Coordinator For information on the training site please contact the coordinator, Doug Watson, at 972-647-0697 or

Michael Hartman

Lothar Heller

Gina Henry-Cook About Gina Henry-Cook & her company, Go Global, Inc.: Go Global Inc. is a company designed to help individuals find affordable vacation options. Owner, Gina Henry-Cook teaches travel classes in over 86 cities nationwide and is the author of many travel publications, DVD’s, Video CD’s, and audiotape programs. She has traveled to over 80 countries and 40 states as an adventurous solo traveler, an executive for major international advertising agencies, and through student undergraduate & graduate programs. Gina leads one group tour each year (for students and her friends), teaches English overseas, is a professional mystery shopper, and imports internationally. She holds a masters in International Management from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management. Check out for more instructor information and her radio/TV interviews.

Melanie Hollis Melanie Hollis, LVT, has over 30 years experience in the veterinary field working in general practice, large, equine, small and exotic, emergency critical care, and small animal internal medicine. She's been a volunteer at the Dallas zoo, providing zookeeper support for the animals there. She currently serves as an executive board member on the state veterinary paraprofessional association and has been a lecturer at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine.

She can be contacted at

Mark Horner

Michael (Shane) Huff

David Hunter

B I Coordinator

Joe R. Jackson Joe Jackson is a seasoned General Industry OSHA compliance adult trainer with over 25 years of professional management and technical experience in the fields of industrial hygiene, safety, quality, training, production management and OSHA regulatory compliance. Has proven ability to develop policies, safety management systems, practices, training programs and compliance measures that result in the reduction of short and long-term safety and health (ESH) liabilities.

Romell Jackson Romell K. Jackson's credentials in Environmental Safety, Risk Management, Loss Prevention, Loss Control, and Safety Culture span more than 17 years. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology and has served in multiple consultation and management roles for Fortune 1000 companies. Mr. Jackson's development and oversight of day-to-day implementation of corporate training, safety policies and loss control programs make him a uniquely qualified subject matter expert serving on the faculty of the MC101 course series.

George Jacobs

Raymond Johnson

Quintin Jones

James (Skipper) Kendrick Named by Occupational Hazards magazine as one of the most influential safety leaders of the last decade and as a member of Industrial Safety and Hygiene News Power 101, James "Skipper" Kendrick, CSP has over 38 years experience in the fields of safety, education and training. Skipper holds a BS degree in Industrial Technology, with a safety option, from Louisiana State University. He is a Professional Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) by examination. He is also a certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Skipper is a recipient of ASSE's highest honor, that of being named a Society Fellow. He was selected as the recipient of ASSE's National Edgar Monsanto Queeny Safety Professional of the Year Award in 2000 and has also been recognized as Safety Professional of the Year for the Greater Baton Rouge Chapter (1985), Fort Worth Chapter (1989-90) and Region III (1988-89). Skipper also has been recognized as Bongarde SafetyXchange's National Safety Trainer of the Year.

Terry Kirkpatrick

Kathryn Kroll Kathryn Kroll is the owner of KrazyKat Studio. As an independent Graphic Designer & Software Training Consultant, her expertise is in marketing graphics, visual communications and personal instruction. Kathryn has taught Graphic Design courses since 1990, she has been teaching at UTA since 2002.

Kat has worked in advertising design and production for more than 25 years. In her Studio, Kat uses Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat; Quark XPress; Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & related support applications on a daily basis.

Her Studio design projects include: Greater Meadowbrook News advertising and production, Handley Fest marketing materials, catalog and newsletters for Media Tech Institute, brochures and display units for the Alzheimer's Association, packaging for HEB "house-brand" products, and contract assignments working on catalogs, advertising and other large documents at some of DFW's largest companies.

Away from the computer, Kathryn enjoys her pets-cats and dogs, home improvement projects, gardening, camping, and sewing costumes for renaissance festivals.

Technical Skills:

Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, GoLive; Quark XPress; Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel. Support applications: Suitcase Fusion, Fetch, Barcoder, iWeb, Numbers, Keynote, Macintosh OSX and Windows 7.

Xavier Krone

As a freelance marketer Xavier has developed a broad array of web solutions and client acquisition strategies to generate revenue through social media and build digital presence. Consulting with a variety of companies representing multiple industries from beauty product manufactures to real estate investment firms. As a social media Instructor he has developed, designed and implemented a custom training curriculum which showcases immediately, actionable strategies to connect engage and convert social media users into consumers and loyal advocates for their product or service.

Take a look at his slideshow presentation get a better understanding of the financial benefits of social media!

Connect with Xavier:

A L Coordinator

Anna Lamikanra

David Langlois

Kevin Lazo

Mike Lewis

Mike has 20+ years in the computing industry, worked as a 1st level tech for Tandy, 2nd and 3rd level tech working for AST, Server team member, moved into AST corporate training, went to Microhard as an A+ instructor, then taught Windows NT certification, achieved and MCSE, A+, and other certs. Lewis worked as an IT Senior instructor for 10 years at ITT Technical Institute (in computer networking, computer security, and network forensics). He got into computer security about 5 years ago and have been fascinated with it ever since. Achieved forensic cert in 2010.

Lewis has been teaching MS Office for TCC since 2009, working at Westwood as an instructor, SME, curriclum designer and Program chair for both CJ and IT since 2011, and has helped design a few networks for businesses. He now specialize in InfoSec and forensics.

Personally, he has been married for 35 years to the same fiery redheaded woman, and still going strong. Hobbies include building wooden things (like desks) and bookshelves, etc.

Diana Lundelius

K M Coordinator For information on the training site please contact the coordinator, Kim Mason, at 713-843-3700 or

M M Coordinator

Zackary Martin

Laurel Mayo

Sonya McCall

Joshua McCollister

Robert McDonald

Barbara McFarland

I am a working artist who works and teaches in, watercolor, oils, acrylics, pastels, and mixed media. I teach watercolor and drawing classes in the Continuing Education program at UTA in Arlington. I teach an oil, or acrylic on canvas class at Trinity Art Guild’s Gallery in Bedford. I also teach a watercolor class every two months at the Up Stairs Gallery in Arlington.

I am very proud of my B.F.A., Magnum Cum Laude in painting and drawing with an English minor from the U.N.T. in Denton. I pursued this dream of mine later in life, after I had traveled and lived in Europe for many years. Being a little older and having traveled and lived extensively overseas, I came to the University with a different perspective on life. I continue my studies by taking workshops from other artists and have spent two summers painting on location at the La Romita School of Art in Italy.

I belong to many art organizations----locally and nationally and am a signature member of the Southwestern Watercolor Society in Dallas, Society of Watercolor Artists in Fort Worth and Texas Neighbors in Irving. I have served as President for the Southwestern Watercolor Society of Dallas for the 2004-05 year. My work has received numerous awards in local, regional, and national shows over the years and continues to do so.

My subject matter comes from personal photo’s from my travels and objects I collect. The travel I have done and continue to do introduces me to history, cultures, and philosophies that have a major impact on my work. Turkey, for example, opened my eyes and thoughts to the eastern philosophy. From this I began to see the connection between their views and the philosophy of the American Indians in our Southwest. New thoughts lead to new connections and interests. My work involves the interconnecting strings that hold time and place together. I like to experiment and find new ways to use materials, design principals, and color to help get my idea or concept across in my paintings. Ultimately I strive for a balanced, yet exciting painting that can be enjoyed on many levels.

Stacey McGinney

Randy McKechnie

Randy McKechnie, President of RLM Consulting, Inc. Is a Licensed Real Estate Broker for almost 30 years, a Property Tax Consultant, a Trained Professional Mediator, and offers services as an Expert Witness. Contracted as a Brokerage Consultant for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Century 21 Judge Fite, Co., The Seller's Advocate, Fedelius, Buyer's Voice and many other large and small brokerage firms in Texas.

Former president and owner of Century 21 Select (Terrell and Garrett). Former coordinator and current instructor for the University of Texas at Arlington pre-licensing real estate education program. Review editor for Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc. for the review and editing of Contract Law and Law of Agency texts.

More than 200 hours of Alternative Dispute Resolution services with a greater than 85% success rate. Served as Broker Chairman of the Texas Real Estate Commissions Broker-Lawyer Committee. The committee that provides the real estate industry with all legally drawn contracts, addenda, and notices for promulgation and approval to be used by real estate licensees. Contract educator for Continuing Education Institute, Institute of Real Estate Professionals, University of Texas at Arlington and many other organizations.

You can contact Randy at his website

Yayoi McWilliams

Mark Middleton

Lourdes Molinar

Desiderio Mora Desi Mora is retired from TCEQ with 26 years of environmental experience in Water and Wastewater, NPDES Permits. He has a Master of Science degree in Soil Sciences from Texas A&M University in Kingsville. As a TCEQ staff member he worked in Water and Waste water and CAFO permitting, and Public Participation in the permitting process. He later worked in the Small Business and Environmental Assistance Program helping small industries and municipalities deal with environmental compliance issues. Currently, Desi is an Instructor for the University of Texas at Arlington for Stormwater regulations. He is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Jonathan Moreno

Robert Moura Pharmacy Technician Instructor

Carlos Munson

Rachel Neal

Heberto Ochoa

Mario Olmos Mario Olmos works as an R&D consulting scientist and environmental specialist. He has worked as a field researcher, manager of endangered species program and director of sustainable management programs for several conservation organizations such as The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Birdlife International, and Nature Conservancy. His passion for sustainability and conservation lead him to develop new programs for the sustainable management of natural resources, allowing industrial development, environmental conservation and socio-economical benefits in small communities of Latin America. He is an active member of Costa Rican Ornithological Society (Founding Member), American Ornithologist Union, Association of Field Ornithologist, Integrated Nutritional Society, and The Society for Integrated and Comparative Biology.

Greg (Michael) Owen

Donna Patterson Donna C. Patterson is a Senior Litigation Paralegal who has worked in many areas of law, including bankruptcy, criminal, family, estate, real estate, employment, appellate, medical malpractice, insurance defense, commercial, and general litigation. She is employed by the law firm of Pope, Hardwicke, Christie, Schell, Kelly, and Taplett L.L.P., where she assists in probate, real estate, insurance defense, commercial, and general litigation.

Mrs. Patterson has:

"Written over 200 training presentations on varied topics such as electronic discovery, legal ethics, legal terminology, Texas criminal code, trial preparation, age and sex discrimination, sexual harassment, responsibilities of management, proper conduct in the workplace, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Family Medical Leave Act..

"Been an instructor for the Paralegal Program at the University of Texas at Arlington since 2002. Prior to working in the legal field, she was an Arlington business owner and worked in computer systems, computer software, and sales and brokering of computer hardware..

"Received her Paralegal Certificate from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is a member of the Paralegal Division of the State Bar of Texas, and the Tarrant County Bar Association. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Fort Worth Paralegal Association as Scholarship Chair. She has served as 2nd Vice President/Membership Chair, Ethics Chair, and Public Relations Chair for the Fort Worth Paralegal Association. She is currently working on a quarterly series addressing paralegal ethical pitfalls and solutions entitled "Ethical Emma."

Mrs. Patterson supports local charities, including Arlington Charities, Arlington Life Shelter, The Veterans Hospital, and Legal Aid of Northwest Texas. (817) 703-8727

Daniel Pearson

Ronald Perrin Since 1992, Ron Perrin has been involved with the inspection and cleaning of potable water storage tanks, serving over 500 utilities in Texas and six other states. He is a former Master Peace Officer and Security Consultant, licensed in the state of Texas. Ron was one of the first to develop diving potable water tanks as a cleaning method in Texas by originating a company called TDI (Tank Diver Inspections) in 1992. By 1994, Ron had become one of the original principals at U.S. Underwater Services (later purchased by Neptune). At U.S. Underwater Services, Ron served as Director of Marketing and was promoted to Director of Operations during his last year at the firm. In 1997, Ron established Ron Perrin Water Technologies. To date, Ron Perrin Water Technologies has inspected over 7,000 water storage tanks. The methods Ron has developed to inspect and clean potable water storage tanks and towers have saved millions of gallons of treated drinking water and have improved the quality in hundreds of water systems. In 2013 Ron Perrin became an OSHA outreach trainer and is currently an authorized construction trainer. In 2015 Ron was contracted by the Environmental Training Institute at the University of Texas at Arlington to develop a training program to safely inspect water storage tanks. WTR 308 Water Storage Inspection Techniques was offered for the first time in the 2015 summer catalog. See: UTA ETI WTR 308 (link to) Certifications: Specialist in Safety and health (SSH) 2013 Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) 2014 Safety and Health Environmental Professional (SHEP) 2015 Published Works: Inspecting and Cleaning Potable Water Storage (Second Edition Due out in 2015) By Ron Perrin. 158 page book. SBN 10: 1-4415-3244-7 Municipal Sewer & Water magazine: September 2010 edition; Pages 94-95; Article title: Look Inside - Inspection & Cleaning of potable water storage tanks Texas Water Utility Journal; August 2014 edition; Pages 20-22 Article title: Record High Temperatures May Activate Hidden Microbes in Your Water Distribution System- What's hiding in your distribution system

TL Peters TL has worked in the field of occupational safety and health since 1989. He has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Safety from the University of Texas in Tyler. He has been an OSHA Education Center instructor since 2006 and is the owner of United Safety Group, providing customized training for companies in all industries. Previously, TL has been the Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for companies such as Pioneer Frozen Foods, Atrium Windows and Doors, and The HON Company. Prior to his managerial roles, TL was a safety engineer for Vistawall Architectural Products and Baxter Healthcare Corporation. TL is a Certified Safety and Health Official in General Industry, a Certified Safety, Health and Environmental Trainer (CET #27-350), Certified Instructional Technologist (CIT #27-350), and an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer in General Industry and Construction.

Candace Pierce

Grover Pierce

David Posey

M R Coordinator

Miranda Rahimzadeh

Randy Roberson

Tom Roberts Thomas has been a member of the occupational safety and health industry since 1971. His educational background comes from Louisiana College, where he received his Bachelor degree in Chemistry. Thomas' work experience is in the field of Industrial Hygiene and Petrochemical industry, where he has been responsible for recognizing and abating safety hazards and ensuring compliance with OSHA Standards. Thomas is a Certified Safety Professional and a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

Debra Rodriguez

William (Dan) Rosenthal

Amber Royer Amber Royer is the author of the cookbooks There are Herbs in My Chocolate and I Can Can With Herbs. She is also a regular columnist for the Dave's Garden On-Line Community. Her work has also appeared in Appleseeds and Odyssey (children's magazines). Amber is an active member of the Fort Worth Herb Society, and an avid gardener. As a degreed youth librarian (MLIS from UNT, experience working with all levels, from babies on through teens and even adults), Amber helped design the instructional materials for the Young Writer's Program portion of National Novel Writing Month. Amber became interested in creative writing when she was still young (and joined her first professional writer's organization at the age of 12) and is always touched when she gets to inspire a new generation of young writers. In addition to teaching, she enjoys crafting, cooking and travel - especially when it affords a chance to learn more about food or plants, whether it's visiting pineapple plantations of Hawaii, or sampling cocoa pulp straight from the pod in the Dominican Republic. For more information, visit her web site:

James Ryan

C S Coordinator For information on the training site please contact the coordinator, Stephanie Nelson, at 512-719-5263 or

F S Coordinator For information on the training site please contact the coordinator, Marty Gutierrez, at 210-458-2411 or

J S Coordinator

Catrina Shafer

Raza Shah

Phil Sheppard

Eric Stephan Eric has been in the construction industry since 1985. His experience stems from being a Deputy Sheriff for Travis County Sheriff's Dept, Safety Director for White Construction Company, and an OSHA Education Center instructor for numerous training institutes. Eric has also helped to negotiate large budget construction programs for many corporate construction businesses, and is an active member of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Austin.

Joshua Strittmatter Josh W Strittmatter, CFP®, CRC®

Josh is the president and CEO of Strittmatter Wealth Management Group, LLC based out of Weatherford, Texas. He has over ten years of experience as a financial planner and specializes in retirement planning and investment management. Josh graduated Cum Laude with a BBA majoring in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington. He has also obtained the CFP® and CRC® designations. Josh has a passion for education and believes that the key to financial success is knowledge.

Find out more about Josh and Strittmatter Wealth Management Group, LLC. by visiting

Amir Tabesh

Todd Tavis

Latasha Taylor

Lindsey Temporal

Bill Turner William G. Turner Jr. has been in the industry of Occupational Safety and Health for more than 30 years. He gained his experience from LSU Industrial Firefighting School, LSU Law Enforcement Training Academy, and 15 years in the aerospace industry. He is also an occupational safety and health professional, conducting safety audits, Construction and Maritime industry 10/30-hour Outreach courses, and HAZWOPER Standards courses. William has been an instructor since 1991.

Laurel (Diane) Van Buren

Thomas Vinson THOMAS VINSON, founder of the Zero Waste Network has worked on projects that have helped companies identify ways to save over $1.3 million, while reducing nearly seven million tons of waste, three million gallons of water use, over a million kWh of electricity use and other reductions in pollution. He has worked for the University of Texas, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. He helped develop the Pollution Prevention Planner and over 500 approaches for source reduction. Vinson has completed ISO 14001 lead auditor training. Currently Thomas is an Instructor for the University of Texas at Arlington, and annually trains over 150 people, and speaks at workshops and trainings throughout the world. Courses on sustainability, environmental management systems, risk management, pollution prevention and lean manufacturing are a few of the topics he uses to help businesses connect environmental performance to their business mission.

Don Tuantu Voxuan

Don Voxuan is a freelance instructor with UTA since 2001, he continues to offer job assistance and mentorship for his students whenever possible through his network and collaborative efforts with local businesses and non-profit organizations. He currently works as a senior web developer and team lead for a company in Dallas.
Although a technical person by profession, he is an avid supporter of the arts.  For his "creatives" he funds an independent production studio called the Imprint Society. Join him on Twitter or Facebook to receive notifications about job opportunities and social events. Creative enthusiasts can participate in projects through the Arlington Film Group and Arlington Photography Group; these "meet ups" encourage local amateur and professional interest in the arts as a profession.
Voxuan is a spirited adventurer and an avid student of ethnography. He also enjoys world travel, parkour, tennis, glamour photography, riding motorcycles, Formula 1 racing, and art. This motley combination of interests often inspire creative solutions for his clients, which he executes with both enthusiasm and calculated stubbornness.

Technical Skills


Web Programming

System Design


  • Acrobat
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Flash
  • Dreamweaver
  • Fireworks
  • Story


  • C# .NET
  • PHP
  • SQL Server
  • XML
  • JSON
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • CSS, CSS3
  • (X)HTML, HTML5


  • UML
  • Visio
  • Catalyst Methodology


  • Access
  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Excel
  • Sharepoint

S W Coordinator

Sarah Walls

Patrick Walsh

Beverly Washington

LWPI Wedding Planning

Tycer Whaley

Ed (Giles) Williams

Mike Williams

Stephen Wilson