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DESCRIPTION: This course will lead participants through the processes, techniques, and philosophies to prepare, develop, manage, monitor, and improve the handling of schedules in functional and operational areas as well as in transportation projects.

Participants will learn the techniques involved in the development and management of schedule models for the purpose of delivering projects within the allotted time frame and for mobilizing resources in accordance with their defined scopes. Participants will be able to develop a schedule baseline that allows TxDOT managers to track and report schedule variances throughout the life of a project.

This course will rely on the use of scheduling tools that includes the department's software for managing projects, Primavera Enterprise System (P6).

OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to apply these techniques to a project:
1. Deconstruct project scope to identify all the activities and resources required
2. Estimate resources and task duration
3. Analyze network diagrams and task dependencies to determine the project's critical path
4. Develop a realistic resource-loaded schedule
5. Monitor and control the schedule throughout a project


COURSE DURATION (in hours): 24.00

AUDIENCE: Project and Functional Managers, Engineers, Estimators, Resource Team Members, and Management.

PREREQUISITES: DEV415, Intro to Project Management

AGENDA: To use a disciplined approach in the production of schedules that provides consistency and improves the accuracy and reliability of schedules for the purpose of delivering projects on time, on budget, and in accordance with their defined scopes. 8 - 5 pm both days.

Contact: TxDOT HRD,
Phone: 512-416-2000

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