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Instructor Information

Don Tuantu Voxuan

From stunt photo shootDon Voxuan is founder of Craevax LLC, a provider of web consulting services. A freelance instructor with UTA since 2001, he continues to offer job assistance and mentorship for his students whenever possible. He currently also serves as the technical training program coordinator for the Division For Enterprise Development, and occasionally participates as a contributing writer for the UTA CE blog.

Technical training tips, tricks, and events are posted on his "for creatives" website the Imprint Society. To receive tweets on job opportunities or when he is available for free questions and answer sessions, follow him on Twitter.

Voxuan is a spirited adventurer and an avid student of ethnography. He also enjoys world travel, parkour, tennis, home improvement, glamour photography, riding motorcycles, and art. This motley combination of interests often inspires creative solutions for his clients, which he executes with both enthusiasm and calculated stubbornness.

Technical Skills
AdobeMicrosoftOpen SourceOther

  • Acrobat

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

  • Photoshop

  • Flash

  • Dreamweaver

  • Fireworks

  • Story

  • Access

  • Outlook

  • Word

  • Powerpoint

  • Excel

  • C# .NET

  • VB.NET

  • Classic ASP

  • SQL Server

  • Sharepoint

  • Visio

  • PHP


  • UML

  • (X)HTML, HTML5

  • CSS, CSS3

  • JavaScript, jQuery

  • XML

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