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Landscape Irrigation Training

Dates: October 1-5, 2018

Meets: M, Tu, W, Th and F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: UT Arlington TTC 112

Fee: $525.00


This 40-hour class is designed to provide the fundamentals of landscape irrigation for future landscape irrigation designers, contractors, consultants, and installers. It has in-depth coverage of irrigation systems including history, definitions, components, hydraulics, design, installation, repair, trouble-shooting, maintenance, technological advances in system design and equipment, new Texas regulations, and water conservation for residential and commercial applications. This is the required TCEQ accredited 40-hour class for the Texas Irrigation Licensing Exam, and the goal is to prepare prospective landscape designers for the exam.

Please bring to class an engineer's scale, design compass, highlighter, #2 pencils, notepad, and a basic calculator (non-programmable). Most of these items are required at the TCEQ State Licensing Exam.

Book: Texas Landscape Irrigation Training and Reference Manual is included in the course fee and is given out in class.


Required Items - Please bring first day of class:
  • Engineer's Scale
  • Design compass
  • Highlighter
  • #2 Pencils
  • Notepad
  • Basic, non-programmable calculator
Fee: $525.00

UT Arlington TTC 112

The University of Texas at Arlington
DED Technical Training Center
106 W 6th St
Arlington, Texas 76010
Phone: 866-906-9190

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Date Day Time Location
10/01/2018Monday8 AM to 5 PM UT Arlington TTC 112
10/02/2018Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM UT Arlington TTC 112
10/03/2018Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM UT Arlington TTC 112
10/04/2018Thursday8 AM to 5 PM UT Arlington TTC 112
10/05/2018Friday8 AM to 5 PM UT Arlington TTC 112