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Android Programming - Level 3

Dates: January 9-14, 2021

Meets: Sa and Th from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Location: UT Arlington TBA

Fee: $435.00


Smart phones have been outselling PCs since 2010 and is a wake up call to the computer technology world that the public would actually replace the use of their PC with a mobile device. With that there is now a strong demand for companies seeking smart phone developers to create apps for consumers and other businesses to use as tools, entertainment, and interaction. In addition to strong employment demands, many freelance and entrepreneurial opportunities are open for developers to upload their apps to the Google Play to earn supplemental income from app sales.

As of this writing, Android leads the market with 48.5% market share compared to 29.5% held by Apple's iOS. Globally, Android holds 49.2% market share compared to 18.9% held by iOS. It is estimated that, Android will hold a global market share of 48.8% by 2015, compared to 17.2% held by iOS.

An introduction to sensor programming and location service. Students will be exposed to Google Maps API and tracking device movement. Use of physical sensors to detect device orientation, movement detection and sensing environment. Use of camera and Bluetooth device.


Please bring a USB flash drive to each class.


Professional Android Sensor Programming
Fee: $435.00

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