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Technology is increasingly becoming a vital component in our daily routines, making it essential to become digitally literate. Through its professional development classes and certificate programs, CE Technology provides hands-on learning that is applicable not only in the class room, but the real world. We recognize that in order to achieve success in the 21st century, our students must be proficient in technology and develop a thorough understanding of information in all its forms. Our experienced instructors and cutting-edge software and equipment help to facilitate interactive learning at every skill level. Whether you're a senior wanting to learn basic computing or a web developer looking to further your career, we are committed to helping you succeed.


We offer over 2000 courses online. These are a few of the most popular. Our online courses allow you to work on your own schedule and learn when it is convenient for you.


We offer a wide-variety of FREE training options and webinars. Browse today to learn a new skill or stay abreast of the current trends.


Learn more about our conferences and events from UTA Continuing Education in a wide-range of areas and specialties.


We are dedicated to enhancing your professional development through comprehensive and flexible training and certificate programs including Project Management, Human Resources, Finance, Technical Writing, Digital Arts and Information Technology.


We offer a wide-host of personal enrichment courses that promote personal growth, exploration, and development in areas such as health and fitness, the arts, languages, travel and more.


We host weekly Information Sessions every Wednesday on alternating mornings and afternoons. Program requirements, courses, and fees are discussed. You can also request a virtual one-on-one meeting to answer any questions you may have concerning a class or program. Register today.


We deliver high quality, leading edge technology courses and technical seminars. You will learn the latest from the practitioners of that field. Real world experience is provided by the industry experts.


We can help you ace your upcoming undergraduate, graduate or professional certification exams. Let our test preparation programs provide you with problem-solving strategies and additional tools to achieve the best scores possible.


Whether you are seeking to upgrade your professional skills or simply have a passion for lifelong learning, we offer extensive online non-degree continuing education options to fit your needs. These online courses offer the convenience to work on your own schedule while helping you build the skills and knowledge you need. Many courses lead to sought-after professional certifications and certificates.